Our new CRM software and the VPN between our Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane offices have been working overtime this week. Thursday and Friday we ran the Help Desk across all three states with people taking calls regardless of caller location.

Using our expanded interstate team (we have added ten new positions nationally this year) in this way we are able to better use downtime between installations, expand their practical knowledge of the software and better serve our customers.

Good support is as much about rapid response as it is about the advice itself. For many callers, a comforting voice on the phone is all they need to find an answer for themselves. This is why we have invested significantly in our IT infrastructure this year. Our new phone lines, expanded phone system, interstate connections, wap enabled mobiles and VPN links between offices put us closer to our customers.

As announced last week, early 2008 will be about delivering online training and hosting online user meetings using the very latest technology and making this available to our customers for no additional cost. This technology will take the Help Desk even closer to those using our software.