I have been answering questions today for an overseas MBA student who is writing a thesis on entrepreneurship and longevity in business. His questions started gently enough but soon delved deep into why I enjoy starting businesses and why I’ve been running Tower for twenty six years. Some of my easy answers were unacceptable, he wanted more. It was a challenging ninety minutes and I learnt more about myself that I expected today.

People often call me a workaholic and those who don;t often ask if I ever sleep. For me, the key to my success in business is in building good teams and giving people enough freedom to build success for themselves. Their success makes it look as if I work harder than I do. That’s how I see it at least. Variety is the key and this is one reason I am glad to have multiple businesses in which I work.

I have another interview session with the MBA candidate next week and am already steeling myself for tougher questions.