Tower Systems is a unique software company serving newsagents in that it owns and operates three newsagencies. Tower started in 1981 and it bought its first newsagency in 1996. These newsagencies, along with the 1,450 other newsagencies using the Tower software, benefit from better magazine management, tight theft control, electronic links to suppliers – including several exclusive links – and a suite of valuable marketing and management tools.

With complete hardware and software packages starting from $7,000, Tower Systems has packages to suit all types of newsagencies from small to large, distribution to retail, city to country. Each system is supplied with on site training and genuine 24/7 support – support regarded by many suppliers and newsagents as being the best in the business.

Newsagents using the Tower software get to play first with industry innovation. As this publication goes to press, Tower newsagents are exclusively participating in three trials with newsagent suppliers. Such trials are part of the Tower AdvantageTM, a unique range of software facilities and services delivered by Tower Systems to newsagents which provide valuable commercial benefits.

Beyond facilities such as touch screen POS operation, scanning sales, end of shift balancing, generating orders, linking to suppliers through XchangeIT and managing customer accounts, the Tower software also provides valuable management insights into the business.

The Tower team has developed management reports exclusive for newsagents which guide profitable business decisions. The use of these reports is guides by specialist training and at free groups meetings hosted by Tower.

As newsagents themselves, the folk behind Tower Systems understand that the real value of good software is unlocked months and years after you have bought the system. This commitment to newsagents is what has made Tower Systems to largest software supplier to newsagents in Australia.

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago in response to a request for information from a publisher preparing a yearbook. I have posted it here since this blog is often used as a research resource by people considering partnering with my company.