We are pleased to announce details for our first online user meetings. Now our users can participate in a meeting for a much lower cost.

Using the latest in online vent hosting tools, you participate through your computer screen (connected to the Internet) and your phone (connected by a toll free line). It’s as good as being in the room together without having to leave the business.

Jewellers. Tuesday 15th January at 12pm. Hosted By Jonathan Tay and Andrew Halpern

This session is devoted to all things Jewellers. We will guide you through our new multi-store facilities, that are the perfect for any Jewellers that have multiple sites. We will also take you through the new features and our current development of jeweller specific functions. There will also be a dedicated question and answer session to end the meeting.

Newsagents. Tuesday 15th January at 2pm. Hosted By Jonathan Tay and Gavin Williams

This session will run newsagents through the new features of Retailer 2.2a. The rest of the session will be dedicated to answering questions and providing over the phone training.