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More suppliers on board

Two more suppliers to users of our software have come on board by supplying electronic invoices as a result of blog posts here. While we had let them know we could process electronic invoices, we had not connected with the right people – people who happened to read of the service through this blog.

It’s a reminder of the need to consistently communicate through various means to suppliers, our customers and prospects.

If you are a supplier to newsagents, jewellers, gift shops or bike retailers please let us know and we can help you provide invoices electronically.


  1. are you able to put up a list of those suppliers mark?, It would certainly help me choose one supplier over another.

  2. no, we’ll let our users know in a more private place. we have a couple of competitors copying us.

  3. I understand, please keep it on the agenda, whilst it will benefit the suppliers’ existing customers, they need to get the word out to potential new customers who see edi as an important factor. atleast for me it would be important.

  4. Scott, I’d expect that suppliers will advise their customers when Tower lets people know. To get the word out beyond these groups, Tower is planning an announcement for next month, once our first mover advantage is well established in a couple of markets.


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