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Jetstar fails at customer service

One of our employees injured himself and was not able to fly.  When we called Jetstar to advise them and try and make alternative arrangements they refused to help.  It seems that even though the reason for not flying was genuine, they had no compassion for our situation.  This is despite our spending of $200,000 a year on air travel.

What made this worse was the appalling English of the Jetstar representative.  We suspect they were not located in Australia.  The phone call to them took much longer than it should have because they did not understand what we were calling about.

This appalling customer service from Jetstar ensures that we will only use them when we have no other choice.

For the record, Virgin and Qantas have allowed us to make changes in circumstances such as those we presented to Jetstar.



  1. Isn’t that what Jetstar’s all about? Cheap fairs and cheap service in cramped planes to go with it. No one should be under the illusion they are getting big ticket service in a $2 product.


  2. Jim,

    You;re right about getting what we paid for. However, Virgin Blue goes the extra mile because they look at the total value of our business. This is what I expected of Jetstar and not just a look at one ticket.



  3. There is a difference between cheap service and bad service. Cheap is when you don’t get your lunch box. Bad is when you feel like you are in a lunch box.

    The company policy is a scam. First of all, I can’t recall another airline charging the usage of credit card booking. PLUS, they charge it PER PASSENGER, PER LEG. I booked a trip for two and had to pay S$24!

    Then the customer service had the audacity of telling me, “sorry, there is nothing I can do,” without giving me any reason to justify the highway robbery. She also told me that credit card transactions work differently in the airline industry. It’s one thing to make a customer feel underappreciated, it’s another to play dumb.

    Low cost may be Jetstar’s strategy, but the competitive advantage is more than offset by a neglect in customer experience in ALL touch points.


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