I completed work on the weekend on the second of our benchmark projects based on data from newsagents using our software.  The first project covered November and this one December.  I compared performance of each business for December from 2097 to 2006.   It was a privilege having access to year on year data for so many of our customers and being able to delve into the performance of each business.

Tomorrow we will send the benchmark report to all participants.  A few days later we will publish this to other newsagents as the results will be helpful for those who want to grow their businesses.

We are committed to helping users of our Tower Systems software go beyond the basics.  We want to help them use the software to drive greater success through their businesses.  We are doing this by engaging with our customers one on one and by groups in analysing business performance.

The challenge with benchmarking is that it relies on averages and for some businesses this is not enough.  I’ve made noted on the reports provided and we will be mailing these back to participating newsagents.