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A dishonest reference

There is a newsagent in Victoria who goes out of his way to put me and my company down.  He talks as if he has first hand experience with our software and our support service.  I have been told he calls our software “crap” and service “useless”. 

While people are entitled to their view, this chap has no way of knowing these things.  We have never demonstrated our software to him.  He has never used it.  I suspect his motivation is that he backed the wrong horse years ago and is angry at himself. 

Newsagents considering the purchase of a computer system ought to talk to other newsagents they find for themselves – reference sites provided by a software company are bound to be favourable and some downright dishonest.


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  1. I have used this software and service for a while now and i think the service is great and the software is 100 times better than the previous one i used.


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