I did an interview for an Asian publication over the weekend and they were asking why we focus on independent retailers rather than the chains. While not an unexpected question, it was put in a way which suggested the interviewer felt as if independent retail is not as ‘good’ ad chains and banner groups.

I love independent retailers. Gift shops, newsagents, jewellers and bike shops. There is nothing better than dealing with an owner on a business issue which can be helped through our software. Their business and ours, being small, can respond quickly. I like that we don’t have to navigate committees, franchisees and other hurdles which can slow the software from improving.

By adding a customer at a time, we have built a strong and sustainable business. That’s what I like about independent retailers – their loyalty. It works for us and it works for them.

The interview ended well – the question led to a robust discussion about size which I enjoyed immensely.