Did I miss an announcement?  Is January outsourcing month?  I feel like I’m in the dark on this.  Seriously!  So far this month I have received six unsolicited approaches from offshore IT companies offering their software support, testing and development services. 

In three cases, the email query was followed up with a phone call – two in the case of one company.  Very pushy.  The claim is that they can cut our Help Desk costs by 75%.

I’m not about to find out.  I suspect that our customers are like me.  When they call a company for support they expect to be talking with an employee of the company, someone in the loop who is able to resole the issue immediately or escalate it within the company for a quick outcome.

I hate waiting on the phone when I call a bank or insurance company only to have to deal with someone who is not Australian based.  We need to keep these customer service roles inside Australia.