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Grocery price inquiry

I am glad that the new Federal Government has asked the ACCC to inquire into grocery prices. I am especially pleased that the inquiry will consider the competitive position of small and independent retailers.

Coles and Woolworths dominate supermarket and related retail in Australia. Their dominance is unhealthy for farmers, other suppliers and consumers. They do little to genuinely support local communities and care less about genuine development of their people.

While I am not looking for any protection for small business, I am keen to see fairness imposed in these massive supermarket chains in their dealings. In my work with some of our small business customers I have seen first hand the impact of major supermarket behaviour. Hopefully a formal inquiry by the ACCC will pull some of the more questionable behaviour back.



  1. Let’s hope the appropriate trade organisations, eg newsagents assoc put some resources into this and make a strong submission. But it will require work and commitment on their part.

    In my industry, I’ve seen how the Restaurant & Catering Association has put solid work into their relationship with Canberra over the last 5 years and now have very strong lobbying clout. Needs a good organisation CEO and board support.


  2. Hi Mark,

    thanks for that article, im not sure if you are aware of the grocerychoice scam that the goverment iscurrently runing but i really don think it will work.
    i agree with you on the comments you made about wollworths and coles and that is why i purchase my grocery from http://www.oway.com.au
    they have a great range of organic and gluten free products and they do litte things here and there to help the comunity and also the planet. i love their service and others might think about making the switch as well.

    thanks for posting this article


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