Below are the details of more (free) online training opportunities for newsagents.  The new courses on offer are:

Magazine Management Jan. 29 at 10am. Hosted by Jonathan Tay with special comments by Michael Elvey. This session will cover all aspects of magazine management; from Arrivals, Returns, Putaway Management and over/under supply. This session will allow for questions as the meeting progresses and at the end of the session time permitting.

Re-Ordering Stock 2pm Jan. 30 at 2pm. Hosted by Jonathan Tay and Gavin Williams. Learn how to make the most of Retailers advanced reordering functions.  Learn how to create an order electronically, send it to suppliers, then once the stock is in have Retailer arrive it automatically without the need to enter it manually.

Business Discussion: chasing magazine growth Jan. 31 at 11am. Hosted by Mark Fletcher. This session will start with an overview of magazine performance by MPA category, suggestions on steps you could take to increase sales and then a general discussion involving everyone on ideas they use in their businesses.  It’s likely we will get of topic and discus other aspects of business – we’ll make sure there are plenty of ideas to try.

New Owner Training Jan. 29 at 2pm. Hosted by Jonathan Tay and Paul Stamp. Have you recently taken over a newsagency? Well then this session is for you.  It is designed to give all new owners an overview of the software and its capabilities.  We will cover all the things that new owners find challenging, from balancing registers to arriving stock.  This session will have plenty of time for your questions.

Each session will run for between 60 an 90 minutes depending on questions and discussion.  To book, please email