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For years I’ve done a weekend supermarket shop for our head office: biscuits, candy, milk, bathroom requirements, breakfast bars, bread etc.  I enjoyed it.  Even though it took an hour to do the shop, get it to the office and unpack, I found it therapeutic – if that does not sound too sad.  Anyway, last month I opened a Coles online account to try out that mode of shopping and see if freeing up an hour and  half on the weekend worked for me.

While there is no doubt that it’s more convenient to shop online and have the supplied delivered right to the office, browsing onlineis no substitute for browsing in a supermarket.  Maybe it’s me but I miss things.  I think I need to find my online shopping groove – but I don;t think the online thing will replace being in the store.  Who knows?

The Coles online service is excellent, their deliveries on time and the deals one sees in the shops, such as Coke, are as available online.  My frustration is more about what I miss.  In the real store it’s almost browser based shopping whereas in online it is destination (by product) shopping.

Retail, for me, is about personal contact with the products and with other shoppers – I’m fascinated to watch people.  I think this is what will get me back in the supermarket for the weekly shop.

This online shopping experience is on my mind at the moment because of work we are doing on a couple of fronts.  The key for retailers, online and offiline, is to ensure the consumer experience is what they expect for if it’s not, they will go elsewhere.


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  1. I’m about to return after 7 years in London and of doing online grocery shopping. I’m dreading having to grocery shop in store on either busy thu nights or sat and sundays and so am looking up online grocery shopping to see how it compares and how feasible it is. I do not miss the hordes of shoppers and ques.

    I know what you mean about missing things, for me when I used to shop in store I used to go up every single aisle and rely on seeing the actual items to jog my memory. Rather than relying entirely on a list. Since having no car in London and experiencing online shopping I would never go back to in store grocery shopping.

    The websites here store all your previous shops and that is enough for me to have my memory jogged and I’ve learnt to keep an ongoing list as well.

    For me I used to always end up buying so much more than I needed or had intended when I was buying in store exactly because of the personal contact with products, smells etc. So as a busy mother of two I appreciate the TIME, HASSLE and SAVING I receive by shopping online.

    However, back in the days of being a dink…..I can see myself still doing the occasional in store shop for that personal contact if you like, or if I just had nothing better to do with my time.


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