Having created a raft of new customer service positions in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane we felt we were done with expanding our team for the moment.  As often happens, opportunities caused us to re-think.

A former long-term client and user of our software made contact looking for a career change.  The opportunity of tapping into real-world experience and providing a starting place for a new IT career was too good to pass up.  So, we created a new role in our Melbourne office from next week.

A former employee made contact last week to see if we had any positions.  We didn’t but we didn’t want to pass up welcoming him back to the team.  So, we created another position and he starts with us in a few weeks.  We have a track record for people coming back to Tower Systems.  For the right person we’re glad to hang out the welcome home sign.

Being opportunistic like this and creating positions for the right person is essential in small business, especially in a tough labour market.  We’re looking forward to these new roles as they will facilitate expansion of our services elsewhere.