Owning a point of sale computer system is like faith, without action, it achieves little. It troubles me the number of times I see a computer system, any computer system, operating as little more than a cash register. Good software can be so much more yet often it is relegated to underperforming.

Our mission is to encourage better use of our software. We do this through the training about which I have blogged here recently, our well established national user meeting program, our national free face to face group training opportunities and a host of other services. Beyond these effoets, however, there are other strategies we are using to drive better outcomes for our small business customers.

We are making it easier for our users to achieve practical, measureable outcomes. This is not traditional work for software companies. Companies like MYOB sell a system and leave it to the user to drive outcomes. Too often, money spent on software is wasted because people give up.

We don’t want Tower Systems’ users to give up.  Hence even greater focus this year on leading our customers to tangible benefits from their IT investment.