Bernard Zimmermann, a Director of one of our competitors, POS Solutions, demonstrates a lack of support for his newsagent customers in his writing yesterday about an unfinished court case.

In an effort, I suspect, to demonstrate relevance to newsagents, Zimmermann has blogged about a case which is not over in terms of the impact on newsagents.

Why Zimmermann, not a newsagent himself, feels the need to comment on an incomplete is beyond me. He’d be better off investing time on working on his business or working in a newsagency.

In February 1996 I bought a newsagency so I could walk in the shoes of my customers. It re-defined Tower Systems and every day we see benefit from our continued ownership of a newsagency. Indeed, we now own two and have a significant share in a third. I spend time in the businesses, behind the counter, four or five times a week. I personally understand more about the challenges behind this court case and it is in the context of this personal experience that I label Zimmermann ignorant.

UPDATE (4/2): Zimmermann has removed his commentary about the case following representations.