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Month: January 2008 (page 3 of 3)

Brilliant customer service Avis

Kudos to Avis in Hobart for excellent customer service this week. Long after returning my rental car one of my party realised they had left a small koala behind. A call to the Avis revealed they had found the koala and were arranging for it to be shipped to Melbourne. That’s excellent customer service!

Every time I experience exceptional customer service it is a reminder to look at the customer service experience we provide. I want to provide stories – like mine about Avis – for my customers.


Hardware deals coming

Every month we put together an offer to enable our users to upgrade hardware at a reduce price. The offer going out later this week is especially good thanks to support fro one of our key suppliers. We have been able to achieve a considerable price reduction on a package of hardware as well as throwing in a bonus item.

While we don’t lock our users into buying hardware from us, there is no doubt that it makes troubleshooting easier if just one supplier is involved. Given the sense of this, we see it as our obligation to put together the best possible deals so our users can maintain current standard hardware.


Helping newsagents choose software

I have released an updated version of my advice to help newsagents choose the right software for their retail business. The revision was necessary based on feedback from newsagents who have recently switched to Tower Systems.


Managing for growth

We are starting 2008 with the strongest management team ever. By spreading strategic and operations management across a diverse skilled team we are able to better manage growth as well as challenges which may come our way.

Our General Manager, Gavin Williams, has responsibility for the administrative, operational and development parts of the business and our Financial Controller, Norman Partington, manages the accounting team of three.

Reporting to Gavin we have our Technical Services Manager Simon May – responsible for hardware standards, installation team training and managing the quality of services; Customer Service Manager Michale Elvey – scheduling installations and responding to any service short fall; Software Development Manager Jonathan Tay – managing software development, maintenance and quality.

Reporting directly to me is our sales team as well as our Group Marketing Manager Andrew Halpern.

On top of this experienced managing team we have skilled management resources in our retail businesses – their contribution to creating better software is crucial.

While I am the face of this business, Tower Systems is much more than me. It’s a real team effort – every day.


Newsagent benchmark project update

We will release results of the newsagent benchmark project to those who participated this coming Friday. Once we have released November results to participants we will more widely release an edited version of the results for others to see.

On Friday we will also call for submissions for a December 2007 project.

This benchmarking work is important as it drives deeper and more beneficial engagement with our software by newsagents using it. This engagement will lead to better business outcomes and drive a better return from the technology investment.

Our work on benchmarking for newsagents is clearly interesting – a competitor has announced what appears to be a copycat project.

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