Gavin Williams, our General Manager, has provided advice to our users this o=morning on how they can change the look and feel of their Point of sale screen:

This is a bit of a fun one. You have the ability to change the colours and fonts of the Point of Sale Screen. To change the colours simply press ‘CTRL+O’ in the POS screen and the screen with the colours able to change changed shown. You can then double click on the colour and pick a new one from the standard windows colour selections screen. You can also change to font to any font you have installed on your computer and adjust its size. You can even change the screens and fonts to suit your decor!

It will be interesting to see the repercussions of this ‘fun’ advice. Gavin’s goal is to get people interacting with our software in non-traditional ways, in pursuit of some more enjoyment.

The advice was sent as part of our usual Friday morning advice email. This email usually has two or three support tips as well as a business management tip and news about Tower Systems. It’s another arm of regular communication with our customer base.