We often receive emails and calls of thanks from customers. We appreciate the appreciation. None more so than a note yesterday from someone who had come out of a particularly rough patch.

You helped me survive when I thought we would drown in the mess. It has been a very trying time dealing with the drought and some suppliers who don’t help. You were always there for us.

I rarely share here this type of feedback we receive. However, this note touched me because of the circumstances. We intervened on behalf of a customer and navigated their challenges with some of their suppliers. Most suppliers were helpful. A couple were not. They received enough assistance to get through the rough patch. Today, their business is growing.

I am proud that we were able to help get their need through to enough of the right people to help them survive. With a family home on the line it was high stakes.

It is this work, on behalf of small business owners doing it tough, which I enjoy immensely out of all we do here at Tower Systems. The trust in us is a privilege.

Our commitment to the small business end of town is absolute. It has been since day one, twenty-seven years ago. We will do anything to help a small business in any of our markets – newsagents, jewellers, bike retailers and gift shops – in genuine need. This ranges from providing free support, hardware and or software.

While the thanks are appreciated, it is our own knowledge that we have made a difference which matters most.