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New training opportunities announced

We sell our system with as much training as our users want.  Some take two days and others as much as five days.  We even have some who book a training day every six months to keep people using the software on their toes.

To better serve our users and drive better outcomes for them, we have completed developing several structured in-store training opportunities for newsagents.  Each course is designed to improve the outcomes our users achieve in key areas of newsagencies.  By training in-store we can go beyond the technology and advise on processes to help you get the most from your system.

By structuring proper courses we have able to better drive consistency and measure results:

1.  Magazine Management

From arrivals to returns we will cover how to use the software and the best processes to follow.  We will review how you print labels, how to check for stolen magazines, how to better manage over and under supply – including the reports which can save you money.  We will also produce the two most important reports to drive your magazine sales. 

2.  Stock re-ordering

Setup your system to it orders the stock you want when you need it.  This training course will take you into the stock management side of retailer.  We will cover how to use the system to re-order stock and what is needed for this to be accurate for you.  By re-ordering through retailer you can expect to cut the cost dead stock within your business.

3.  Making the most at your point of sale

You have many opportunities to reduce mistakes, improve selling speed and better serve customers through Retailer at the sales counter.  This training course will help you tune retailer to achieve these goals and more.  This includes setting up your touch screen and stepping you through the exceptional search and other tools at the counter.

Each training session runs for four hours and is available to be booked for any weekday between 8:30am and 5pm.


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  1. Mark,

    Random thought whilst shaving. Have you thought of making a DVD of the training sessions (capturing the mouse movements) and then making ther DVD available for those who are under real time pressures. It would also be handy to look back on and revise a technique or two.



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