The final tweaks have been made and our re-design of this blog is complete – well, as complete as these things are since one always like to find improvement opportunities.

The re-design reflects on our company as we see this blog, like any corporate blog, as a window on our offer to our customers and our prospects.

The easy navigation and clean design lines say plenty about our software. The open comments and other feedback mechanisms say something about our engagement. The blog itself says something about our transparency.

So, while this blog is a publishing platform about Tower Systems, it is also a living means of assessing whether we are the right partner for a small business. Through the blog archives one can read our views on all manner of things as well as announcements of innovation.

For me, blogging is another channel through we can have a conversation with our customers, prospects and others.  The feedback as a result of blogging has helped us refine our software offer considerably.  Indeed, it has connected us with businesses with which we wold not have had contact were it not for this place.

The new design of this blog, the fourth since we started three years ago, reflects on our commitment to evolve both to remain relevant and to challenge ourselves.

In today’s marketplace, comparing blogs is an important step in comparing software companies.