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Arrogant Glen Eira Council

Please excuse this rant. I am frustrated with my local council and blogging is better and cheaper than paying a therapist to deal with my anger.

Glen Eira Council, in their wisdom, decided the street in front of our office needed another pedestrian crosswalk – they thought the one at the end of the street, less than 100 metres away, was too far. So, the project began. They took away street parking in our street and the side street nearby. They also blocked access to our underground car park for several days.

On one of the days we could not access our car park, I had to drop off some boxes and could only find two buss bays vacant nearby – otherwise ‘d have to park 500 metres away. So, I broke the law, parked right at the end of a bus bay and carried the boxes to the office.

The ever-vigilant parking inspector booked me. Given that the council created the problem in the first place and had blocked access to my underground car park I complained. They refused to credit the fine. I complained. They refused again.

I proivided evidence of the disruption of the works to my business, their blocking of the car park as well as the damage done to stock we have in an underground store room – they jackhammered through our ceiling.

The council was not interested. Instead, they took me to court for the $50.00 fine for parking in the bus bay.

Sure, I knowingly broke the law, I deserved to be fined.

The injustice is that council offers no compensation for the damage they did to my business through this – the countless days of denial of access to our parking property and the hole in the ceiling of our store room.

There are two sets of rules – zero tolerance when Glen Eira Council can make a buck from an unfair parking fine and a no, we don’t compensate when we damage your property while building a road improvement which is unnecessary.

I paid the fine as wasting a half a day in court was not worth it. All I wanted was for the council to look at the damage they had caused and to say, yeah, you’re right, we’ll waive the fine this time as there were extenuating circumstances.

Glen Eira Council, or at least those representing it on this matter, are out of touch and care less about businesses in their area.

I feel better now.


  1. yes, plenty to complain about in Glen Eira. Just google ‘glen eira opinions blogspot’ … add your comments

    are you attending the community workshops to reinforce your complaint?

    question: how can we change Glen Eira administration and Council attitude towads wishes of reidents? Any suggestions?

  2. Victorian councils and speed cameras seem to have their own spot on A Current Affair for examples of arrogance.

  3. We have a motel in Ballina and are just about to lose our
    parking lane out the front of our business to a set of trafic lights going in about 100m north we are getting a 13 hr clearway yes 13 hr clearway and the powers to be dont give a damn what damage they are going to do our bus. We believe 4 sets of lights are proposed for our town and we have a bypass being fasttracked Ballina will be the town with traffic lights and no traffic I know we have a lot
    of headaches still to come as acess to our property has already started etc etc

  4. As an Activist within the Glen Eira community, if you have items of concerns that deal with Council issues I have happy also to publish them on my blogsite because it is only by airing these items of frustration that change is possible. I am hoping to generate open dialogue across Glen Eira for the benefit of all residents and their traders.

    Bureaucracy is sometimes quite crazy and does not always reflect what we require of councils.


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    · For long overdue access to Melbourne Airport on a Met ticket – train or tram.

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