Several of our team have started the year making courtesy visits with businesses using our software. We’re covering city and country areas, sometimes traveling a few hours to reach someone.

While this in itself is nothing new, our approach in 2008 is more integrated with the rest of the Tower Systems offer and leverages off the exclusive aspects of our support services.  I’m not about to blog here about these exclusives as others will try and copy them, again.

These visits are part of our commitment to help and guide our users to actively engage with our software and driver better business outcomes. They are being undertaken by our sales team (all of whom have a technical background) and key support people.

Beyond answering questions and providing free follow-up training, the visits are also proving an excellent opportunity to talk business and find out how our software is being used. In several instances in the last two weeks we have found out ways the software is being being which are outside our design. This feedback will help is further finesse our software.

While it would be ideal for all users to participate in training sessions and user meetings, we know this is not always practical, hence the importance of this face to face contact commitment.