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Marketing tips for Valentine’s Day

Here are some free Valentine’s Day retail marketing tips we included in our weekly email bulletin sent to all small businesses using our POS software yesterday:

Kissing booth: raise money for a local charity, $2.00 a kiss;

Red lips: paint some big red lips on the side of your face for the day and ask for a donation to a local charity;

Sweethearts candy: put a tray of the old style sweethearts candy at the counter and offer one to each customer;

Graffiti wall: It could be paper, a window or a white board, encourage customers to write messages of love. For this idea to work, it has to be bold.

Each of these Valentine’s Day marketing tips is about engaging with customers and that’s what retail is all about. For more than twenty years Tower Systems we have provided marketing tips to users of our POS software. It’s a free service for our users and others to use as they feel appropriate. We are happy for the ideas to be passed on. It’s our way of adding value to our relationship with small business retailers.

We tend to focus on ideas which can be implemented locally and without cost. We especially like ideas which add to the fun and theatre of business.


  1. Mark,

    The graffiti wall idea is fantastic! I got a liquid chalk pen and write “Valentine’s Day Graffiti Wall” on our outside window and offered for people to write their messages of love on it. I did this about 2pm yesterday, by 8am this morning, the window is FULL. There is no more room to write.

  2. I can run the kissing booth, but im worth a bit more than $2 a kiss !!!

  3. Thank you for sharing these tips. I tried two and they worked in my business. keep posting ideas please! I did the lips in my face and the wall. We had lots of fun.

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