For several years we have offered a free day of training to anyone buying a newsagency using our software.  This is available regardless of whether the system is supported or not.  It’s part of our commitment to helping people new to the newsagency channel to make the most of their business purchase.

The training is face to face for a full day and we offer it in every state.

We supplement the training with a fresh package of documentation – for later reference.  We also offer a system clean up to ensure that any data baggage from previous owners is left behind.

We have refreshed the training following our purchase late last year of another newsagency.  Our personal experience has helped us take a fresh approach and improve the outcomes from our free new owner training.

While the cost of us of these and other free new owner services is significant, we enjoy the experience and find that those participating are better prepared in the IT front as they step into their new business.

The training is especially beneficial in navigating the various supplier links we provide directly from our software.  While there is formal industyr training for new newsagents, nothing beats practical, hands on, training.  This is why we prefer to undertake training based on the data from the business being purchased.

Buying any business is a challenge.  Our goal is to make it easier for people buying a newsagency.