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Spin, spin and spin

POS Solutions, is an Australian company. The company provides software and services to small and medium businesses, where the company has enjoyed steady growth so making it particularly well-known in Australian Newsagencies where its software has taken hold as the market leader. It has recently moved to Pharmacies.

Its product and services range from entry software through to multi user enterprise software for retail point of sale software.

It has over 2,000 clients in Australia.

This is the entry for POS Solutions, a competitor of Tower Systems, at Wikipedia, authored by someone called Zprogrammer. The October 2007 entry is inaccurate.

In a letter to a client dated October 12, 2006, George Tzilantonis, the then Business Development Manager for POS Solutions states:

Pos Solutions has over 1200 Customers Australia Wide

For the Wikipedia entry, written just one year later, to be correct, POS would have needed to add 15 new systems a week between October 2006 and October 2007. Bernard Zimmermann, a Director of the company, told me late last year that they were had been adding two or three systems a week. While I don;t believe his claim, I am in no position to prove this.

Tzilantonis’ 1,200 relates to all markets. Once you strip away pharmacies, hardware and other businesses, you are left with 600 to 700 newsagents. This is the number newsagent suppliers have for POS and their market share as well.

POS Solutions is not the market leader in the newsagency marketplace, not by any measure. They do not have 50 employees as is claimed – if they did people would not have the difficult they appear to in getting access to support.

The reference used to claim market leadership in the Wiki entry is a newsagent year book published by the ANF. The author of the POS Solutions Wikipedia material has taken the information in the ANF document out of context. Here’s what someone reviewing the page had to say about the claims:

While trying to establish notability of the company after the author user:Zprogrammer keeps removing the {{notability}} without improving the article, I came across the blog of a competitor. Obviously this needs to be taken with caution, but at least it indicates that some of the claims need better independent sources, to decide, who of the two is right. In particular the issue of market leadership as well as the number of customers need reliable quotes. The source given in the article for market leadership, the National Newsagents 2005 yearbook, is not on the given web site. —S.K. 16:21, 17 October 2007 (UTC)

Why does this matter? It goes to credibility if Wikipedia and, if Zprogrammer, the author of the Wikipedia entry, is from POS Solutions, it goes to the credibility of their company.

Newsagents are trusting folk, many have not purchased a business computer system before. We owe it to them, and to the laws of the land, to be honest in all of our representations.

I am caught between a rock and a hard place in posting this. On the one hand, why give oxygen to a competitor? On the other, newsagents need to know that they need to test what they read and are told about software companies. The Wiki entry for POS Solutions is an example of something which is spin (at best) and ought to be disregarded.

UPDATE: Zimmermann has blogged about my post here. He does not commit to addressing the concerns raised by people at Wikipedia about the veracity of the claims made on behalf of his company. Instead, he tries to discredit me and, in doing so, digs a deeper hole for himself.



  1. No wonder POS solutions writes false information. Its what they do. I was promised new hardware and all I got was secondhand hardware. Their support was awful.


  2. Spin is what this is from pos solutions. If only I had seen it when they did their sales presentation. I should have asked for proof of their claims. I wasted two years with them.


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