Sometimes you year the funniest things around the office. Gary Hall, a software developer who has been with us for fifteen years, is the keeper of the quotes. For more than ten years he has collated the quotes and published them month for all of us to share in the verbal stumbles of others. The quotes connect us across our various offices and positions in the business.

Amy F walks into the programmer’s area and sees Tim B sitting in his office – “Are you expecting a lady with a hole-punch?”

Tim B – “No”

Amy F – “Are you expecting a lady?”

Tim B – “No”

Amy F – “O’h, Ok”

Amy F then walks off again 06.02.08

We all pass quotes on to Gary through the month, hoping they make the cut and get published in the next edition. Then, on a day like Firday last week, we all read avidly to see if our contributions are in and if we have been caught by someone else making a dill of ourselves.

Phoebe F upon walking into the newsXpress Office during her first week at Tower

– “Umm, which one of you is Keith Sonerson?”

Keith S – “Me”

Phoebe F – “There’s a man to see you”

Keith S – “Who is it?”

Phoebe F – “I don’t know… but he has a suitcase” 11.02.08

The quotes have become an important tradition at Tower Systems. I had reason a year or so back to go through quotes from as far back as ten years ago. They are an entertaining record on one aspect of our journey and the journeys of others. Without wanting to get too sentimental, they are certainly something to treasure.

Leighton D at a restaurant after polishing off a massive chicken parmagiana but struggling with the remaining hot chips

– “I can’t leave any chips on the plate…” (pause as he breathed a heavy sigh) “… or maybe I will” 12.02.08

Leighton is one of our new software developers. Now, thanks to the quotes, others in the company he is yet to meet know he loves a good parma and doesn’t like to leave chips on his plate. See what I mean about sharing the culture of the business.

Maybe we should copy the quotes and put them in a binder for all new employees to review. No, then we’d miss the opportunity to catch their early missteps.

One thing which I always find curious, Gary never seems to feature in a negative light in the quotes. Some of us are working on a set of Gary quotes to redress that imbalance.