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Below is our latest advertisement for newsagents, running in this month’s National Newsagent.


We are picking up on the results of the recent survey by the ANF on newsagent satisfaction with computer systems. We’re proud of our results. The survey is the best independent indication of newsagent attitudes to their computer supplier.


  1. Hi Mark,

    I’ve always been impressed by the culture you have managed to instill in your company.

    You may consider it a small thing, but the main line on the clipboard in the advert should have an apostrophe in “suppliers”.

    Like I said, a small thing – but you guys seem to put so much effort in running a professional, and reputable, business, it seems a shame to let a little bit of carelessness creep in (especially in such an outward-facing piece of literature).

    Is it too late to alter the proof that has been sent for printing?

  2. Justin you’re right. Unfortunately, the ad has been printed. We will correct for locally printed copies. It’s frustrating as this ad has gone three proof rounds. Ugh.

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