The loyalty marketing tools in our software are designed to drive sales and track customer performance. Both are important to businesses using loyalty marketing to drive sales.

There is no point in rewarding customers for doing with you what they will do anyway. Hence the use of the software tools to drive sales and increase average spend. In this instance the loyalty reward in the carrot.

There is also no point in any marketing system like this unless you track customer performance for it’s the shopping basket which can tell you a lot about customer behaviour. Beyond the reward for the customer you can better categorise customers and thereby better serve them. It’s a win win.

So, from basic VIP club facilities through to points and money based loyalty facilities to customer performance analysis, we have toold which can set your retail business alight. Proven and mature facilities.

Why is this on my mind today? A prospect told us that the Director of one of our competitors told them this week that we don’t have loyalty facilities. He would know that such a claim is untrue. By blogging about the facilities I put it on the record and, in a round about way, I challenge him about his false statements.