I was fortunate to read yesterday the testing notes for one of the enhancements to be delivered in the next update of our software.  I say fortunate as I don’t usually read the detail – that’s what we have our software development manager and team for.

The testing notes were prepared by Paul Stamp from our Help Desk, they were his comprehensive feedback to the development team and summarised hours of testing he had undertaken on one function in the software which has been enhanced as part for the next update. The testing notes are a requirement as part of our testing regime and represent the formal communication back to the development team on their work and the usefulness of the enhancements.

By the time the enhanced software was handed over for testing it had already undergone two rounds of testing within the development team. Paul’s feedback will lead to more changes and they will come back for testing by Paul again.

This is how the testing process goes at Tower Systems. The tester is in control of the enhancements in that until he or she says they are ready for live use they are not passed. This control outside the development team provides for some colourful conversations. The goal (and the result) is better software.

Once cleared for release, this enhancement will wait for the rest of the update to come through the same process. Once this is done, they update goes out to retail businesses we control. If it proves itself there it goes into beta testing in a wider circle of users. It’s only after it process itself here that the update is widely released.

There is no point is rushing the development and deployment of software enhancements. More time taken today will reduce the time we all could waste tomorrow on a problematic update.

Here, we have a large cast developing, testing, re-testing and managing software updates.  It is key to our point of difference.  The work is worth it.