Every Friday we send an email to our users with news, support tips and details on upcoming training events. We also include marketing tips. Here’s today’s marketing tip. It’s a bit obscure but worth a crack.


Buy yourself a bunch of flowers and put them behind the counter. I bet you get compliments for now nice they look and plenty of questions asking what they are for. If nothing else, the flows can be a good discussion starter. You’ll need to have a reason for the flowers. I’d suggest you say to any customer something along the lines of: I bought them to brighten your day. My reasoning is a bit obscure – your shop is their shop, their home kind of so you figured you’d like to make the house attractive for them and others who visit. There is no commercial imperative as such, other than leaving your customers with enjoyment from the flowers and your explanation.

I thought of this idea when I saw flowers being delivered to a shop yesterday for someone’s birthday. It started me thinking that we buy flowers for a purpose so why not for no reason at all, as a talking point. I’d be interested to hear from anyone trying the idea.