Seven months ago we started work on the integration of a platform for the sale 300 electronic products within our Point of Sale software. This was our fourth such exclusive electronic product integration project and resulted in a platform we have called eziPass.

Our interest is in adding value through new retail products for our users without adding to their capital outlay. This helps them increase sales with gross profit going straight to the bottom line.

Beyond the commercial advantage of the exclusive relationship, we are proud of the technology behind the implementation. Since we’re the only software company playing in this space for newsagents we are writing the standards. Others who follow and bring electronic products to the point of sale will follow what we have done. The companies we are linking with have provided feedback that our standards are world class. This is encouraging. Even more encouraging, however, is the feedback from our users – they are thrilled with ease of use, speed and accuracy at the counter.

Almost immediately the touch screen button is pressed, we pick up electronic inventory from a supplier, print a voucher with professional logos and confirm to the supplier the printing of the voucher. Security is tight, the retailer and vendor of the voucher protected and the customer happy for the good service.

It’s great when businesses can be brought together with sexy technology. Our development team gets to play with some new toys, our customers get some new products to sell and their customers access better service.

We have done this work on a pro-bono basis. the new software is provided to our users without cost. Support in the new facility is also provided free. The commercial benefit for us comes from being the leader.