ANF & NRL footy tipping competition open

Tower Systems is again running a football tipping competition for AFL and NRL games this year. The competitions are open to anyone. Entry is free. Prizes for each competition: First $350.00; Second $100.00; Third $50.00.

Have some fun and join our 2008 AFL & NRL Tipping Competitions. To join, please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Tower Systems web page
  2. Click on either the AFL or NRL footy tipping logos at the bottom. (If you want to join both competitions you will need to join both leagues separately)
  3. The footy tipping page will then load
  4. Click on Join, at the top of the menu on the left hand side of the screen.
  5. You will then be asked for a password to join, which is ‘tower
  6. Click on OK
  7. Enter in your details and click on Submit Details. (Note you only need to enter information on the fields highlighted with an *)
  8. Make sure you note down your username and passwords so you can log in again later, and enter your tips!

Each week, go to the Tower Systems’ web site – click on the AFL and/or NRL tipping links, enter your username and password and tip away.


1. Anyone can participate.

2. Tips must be in by 5:30pm EST on the evening before the first game of the round, either Friday’s or Thursday’s. (No late tips will be accepted this year, no exceptions , none, nada, nope, no way, your late – you’re out for the week)

3. Failure to enter you tips will see you get the lowest score of the round minus 1 tip. (So if the lowest score tipped for the round was a 0 you will receive a score of -1 for the round)

4. To play you need before the start of the season (NRL – 14/3/08, AFL – 20/3/08).

5. Have fun.

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