We are engaged with several suppliers on sales data projects (and have been for some time) – providing sales data for specific products on a daily basis direct from businesses using our software to the participating suppliers.  It is good to see one of the projects bear fruit for our customers – the supplier is using the data to make better business decisions which benefit our customers in several ways.

Thanks to the sales data, the supplier involved is able to to gauge the response to advertising.  They are also able to better manage production into the future, rather than waiting weeks for data from the old sales data gathering approach.

As these sales data projects move from trial to network-wide use, they will separate Tower Systems users from their colleagues.  In the newsagency channel, for example, our 1,450 users will be more valuable to suppliers than newsagents who do not provide timely sales data. While I like that, I can understand it will cause some challenges – the newsagency channel tends to prefer all to move as one and this has caused it to be held back on a range of fronts over the years.  When it comes to leveraging data, I don’t want to be held back.  If Tower Newsagents have something better and can leverage this to their advantage, so be it.  Others can catch up when their software lets them.

Connecting the supplier and retailer through timely data sharing is smart as these trials are showing.  I’m glad we have our own newsagencies which facilitate us playing in this space more easily than other software companies.