We are thrilled to announce a sale last week to an eleven store retail group. This is one of several multistore sales in recent weeks, based around a version of our point of sale software for businesses with common ownership across multiple retail locations.

The first location of the eleven store network will be installed within the next four weeks. Our customer expects to have twenty stores under his banner by the end of the year. We’re happy to support this and will work hard to ensure that they have the data necessary to drive the growth.

Providing a network wide view of stock and facilitating the transfer of stock between the stores were key requirements along with strong fraud reduction tools, good management reports and retail error reduction focus. Being selected for such an important opportunity is good kudos for our software developers and the sales team involved.

With more retailers owning more than one store, having a strong multistore capability is important.

Tower Systems now serves in excess of 2,500 small businesses, 1,450 of which are newsagencies.