Our software has supported electronic invoicing for newsagents since the standards were released more than ten years ago. We were part of the working group which developed the standards and have actively and successfully participated in each revision of the standards since.

The key benefits of the standards are the opportunity for more accurate record keeping; faster crediting for unsold stock and supply quantities which more closely reflect actual sales.

As newsagents ourselves we understand the importance of these standards. We are able to engage with suppliers in a way no other software company can. While they can relay newsagent feedback, we relay our own feedback based on our won experience.

This is on my mind today as we contemplate standards changes and the possible impact on newsagents. Being a newsagent as well as a software developer seats us at a unique table. I am happy to leverage our exclusive position to our advantage. If that can improve the lot of newsagents and my newsagency then why not?

All this is on my mind today because one of our competitors was caught out last week telling a newsagent that they should not go with our software because (he claimed) we don’t have electronic invoicing. While most newsagents would know such a statement made about us is untrue, someone fresh to the channel would not. So, this post serves the purpose of recording, again, our commitment and adherence to the newsagent channel IT standards and our leadership in this area as well as noting that we know about the lie by the competitor.