Some days we face challenges which take us outside of what is usual for a software company. On these days we find ourselves navigating issues and making decisions which could affect a whole retail channel.

The 1,450 newsagents partnering with us a bigger user community than all of our IT competitors in the newsagency space combined. Herein lies the challenge – to look beyond the technical implications and the Tower Systems view and consider the impact on newsagency channel as a whole. Owning several newsagencies provides perspective which assists in this.

This week has been particularly tough in this area. We have three significant channel-wide projects we have been asked to work on. Two of these are urgent because of the commercial opportunity for the newsagent suppliers involved. Each is considerable in size and in new areas for newsagents and each needs to be considered carefully.

While it is not new for us to be presented with exclusive new development opportunities which are experimental for newsagents, three in one week is a surprise. Confidential agreements preclude our canvassing the opinions of others.

We have turned one opportunity down and are moving forward on the other two. In all we have spent a couple of days this week weighing up the issues and navigating to a decision on each. It’s a privilege to have these opportunities to consider.