We received a sales call out of the blue from a retail business operating in a field in which we have no experience. We told them of our inexperience and suggested they look for a specialist software partner. They were adamant they wanted to consider us. It turns out that two of our customers has recommended us to them – each without knowing about the other. We met up, the prospect accepted that we knew nothing about their niche market they looked over the software thoroughly and ordered our system.

Now, a couple of months on, they’re thrilled they made the decision and are busy recommending us to their colleagues even thought we’re not planning on entering a new marketplace.

Sure we are proud to win the business and thrilled two existing customers, independent of each other, recommended us and really won us this new business. Beyond that, however, is the reminder of the real value of good customer service. You neven know when it will be mentioned.  These new folk will always be the people who reminded us of the lesson