Now that we have Help Desk infrastructure in three states, a national CRM solution in every Tower office and a larger support team (as opposed to our national installation team), we’re able to easily handle state based public holidays.

This coming Monday, for example, is one day our Help desk would either have closed or we would have brought people into the office especially. It’s a holiday in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. With our Help Desk fully staffed and run out of Victoria it’s how we would do things.

This year, we’re taking a different approach. It’s business as usual. Our phone system will manage shunting calls to where we have or team and our users will access the help they need. Teams elsewhere will manage call traffic while our Melbourne based team have the day off.

We’re leveraging our recent investment to demonstrate the value of being part of a larger user community as well as our commitment to be smart in how we provide easy access to customer service.