Each Friday we send an email newsletter to our customers. It contains support tips, news and sometimes a marketing tip from me. Here’s today’s marketing tip for our retail customers:

Retail is about the shopper’s experience. Not your experience nor that of your team or your supplier or your landlord. No, it’s about what the shopper experiences in the context of your business: advertising, phone contact, out the front of your space, inside, at the counter, leaving, your shopping bag and any flyers they pick up.

The hardest thing for a retailer to do is to put themselves into the shoes of their shoppers, to see their business truly as others see it yet it must be pursued with passion. If you can do this, if you can see your business as your customers see it, what needs work will quickly become evident. You’ll easily see what you can do to make the shopping experience more memorable and therefore more likely to attract a return visit.

If you’re not sure where to start, here’s what you could look for:

  • From across the street, make the shop look appealing.
  • Make access easy.
  • Make finding service even easier.
  • Make sure it smells good and that your products can be seen.
  • Inside the shop, be clear on what you want your customers to see – no matter where they look. Too many displays can be too noisy visually and make customers blind to your offer.
  • At the counter, focus on one or two up-sell opportunities.
  • Also at the counter, be ‘in the zone’ and with the customer. People who treat it as a chore should not be in retail.
  • Leave them with something extra, an offer to come back something of value they didn’t expect from you – leave them with something extra.
  • Enjoy the experience.

I appreciate that in the rough and tumble of the day it can be hard to lose sight of these things. However, we can program our retail businesses to take care of much of this for us – good management and the right team and take care of it. Creating a great shopper experience begins with you looking at your business through the eyes of a shopper.