We now have more than 300 newsagents using eziPass, the electronic voucher platform we have exclusively integrated with our Point of sale software for newsagents. Building a 300 strong network in a few months and with next to nothing spent on marketing makes eziPass a tremendous success story.

While our work on eziPass is pro bono – the development is free for all newsagents and the marketing is provided free as well – from a Tower Systems perspective, eziPass adds real value to the relationship we have with our customers. We have delivered access to new products, better commissions for some older products, faster processing of sales and better back end with once a week settlement rather than daily as others offer.

What for us started as a technology play has expanded into a broader customer service relationship. Trough eziPass we are working on other ways we can cut back room costs for newsagents while at the same time bringing more products to the sales counter. we will have an announcement about that next week.

While our broader focus may seem off topic for software developer, we see it as core. Our mission is based on what our customers achieve through using our technology rather than the technology itself. This is where eziPass fits. It delivers tangible business benefits through smart technology implementation.