Learning about gift shops

It is two weeks since we were at the the largest gift fair in Australia. We were there as retailers – we own three gift shops. We were there as technology people – to get to know gift shop owners and gift shop suppliers better.

Watching the passion of gift shop owners at the trade show was fascinating and instructive. We learnt about the deeply personal nature of their businesses. While they buy from the same overall pool of suppliers, the range is built in such a was as to create considerably different businesses. We saw how, unlike other retail channels, gift shops are different, just about every one of them.

The passion carries over to many suppliers. The product mix they offer is personal. They often care more about this than the business end. While they understand the need for software, they don’t want it to get in the way of their passion and the passion their retail partners have for their products.

We have come away from the trade show with some excellent insights beyond those I have written about here, insights which will be reflected in our work in the gift space this year and beyond.

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