interviews.JPGWe were interviewing yesterday for a new role in our Brisbane office. This time we approached it differently, culling applications by email and on the phone and flying a candidate into Melbourne to meet with several key team members.

While time will tell if the approach worked, I liked it because the responsibility is shared among more. Also, the culling process – phone and email – is closer to how we interact with team members on the road and working in our interstate offices. It lets us test more communication skills than just at an interview.

The hiring process is further challenged since we are attracting an excellent group of candidates. This changed about a year ago. many come to us now through word of mouth. In several instances we have created a role to fit the person knocking on our door – it pays to be opportunistic when it comes to finding good people.

Adding to our Brisbane office is a high priority for us as growth in Queensland is considerable. I doubt we will stay still once we fill this current position.

And the photo? That’s Gary, one of our software developers and the third longest service member of the Tower team. Gary’s the one on the right – in the green shirt. The naked dude, on the left, is a bear we just imported for one of our gift shops. He is currently sitting in reception with his twin while we work out how to transport him to the shop. In the meantime, he’s giving away free hugs. I had one – he’s great!

We have a very busy reception area. I wonder some days what people make of it – yesterday especially.

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