Your shingle determines what people expect when they enter through your doors.  Your business is more likely to be remembered and talked about if you don’t match (in a good way) the expectations associated with the shingle.  It may be a service you offer or a product range of the mood of the shop.  Be different, be exclusive in some way, outside the expectation of the shingle and this makes your business more valuable.

This is the business tip published in our weekly user email yesterday.  It’s good, common-sense, advice.  Executing is the challenge.  The exclusive offer has to be compelling and genuine. 

For years we considered our software exclusive and while we believe that today, it’s hard to pitch because until one uses it, there is no belief.

Several years ago, we decided to take our customer service to a new level, a level above any other in our core vertical markets.  We developed a whatever it takes attitude when it came to hiring the customer service team, resourcing them and resourcing the business overall.

This was not a once-off project.  It’s something we work on every day, under the trademarked name of the Tower Advantage.  What we have created in our mix of face to face, group and online training, user communication, help desk access, supplier relationships and business development support for our customers is unique and exclusive.

We know the value because of the sales we see.  Word of mouth is the key driver of the excellent growth we continue to enjoy.

So, for us, exclusivity is in the form of a mindset which permeates everything we do here, it is the foundation of the price we have for our business.