Newsagents beware the support trap

Newsagents buying software for their business should check to see what happens if they choose to not continue software support coverage. I know of at least two systems which cut off access to magazine distributor invoices if the software support fee is not charged.  We don’t do that – whether a user pays support or not they have full access to what they bought.

In what sounds like a third line forcing game, newsagents are told to pay for software support from the software company so that access to electronic invoices from magazine distributors is maintained. The two are not connected. The software companies are using the benefits of the magazine invoices to force their customers to pay for software support.

I think this sucks. At Tower Systems we engage in no such games. Once someone has purchased a system they can get access to as many supplier invoices and files they want – I’ll not stop the, I should win their support contract on the basis of the support I provide and nothing else.

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