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Replacing Easter eggs

For most of our 27 years in business we have given Easter eggs to everyone on the Tower team on the last working day before Easter. This year, we broke with tradition. Instead, we made a $1,000 donation to the Smith Family for their Learning for Life program.

I settled on the Smith Family after considerable research. Learning for Life is the type of program I was looking for. The funds are used to provide financially disadvantaged students with support for personal development, after school programs, books and excursions. It is very practical program and the Smith family is transparent about us of donated funds.

We are continuing with our monthly financial commitment to the Lighthouse Foundation and other groups we support. We felt that by foregoing some chocolate we could extend our community support this Easter.

I am grateful to our customers for it is their faith in what we do than has enabled us to contribute to the work of the Smith Family. I am also grateful to the Tower team for allowing the tradition to be broken.


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  1. This is great. You and your staff should be applauded. Well done.


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