We have turned on additional functionality within our Sage based CRM system.  The latest enhancement improves email advice to our customers about call progress.

If we cannot take the call when they call for support, one of our team logs details of the problem in CRM – the CRM system emails these details to the customer.   Immediately the call is picked up by a help desk team member we email the customer – including the name of the person managing the call.  Once the call is resolved we send a final email. While our customers can request that we don’t provide the email trail, no one wants it turned off. 

People placing the call like the transparency of who is working on the call and the summary of advice provided on the phone.

Business owners like that they have a trail for any call made by any of their team to us – this is particularly helpful is the owner is not working full-time in the business.

While all help desk interaction is human, having a solid CRM solution in the background, managing calls and ensuring we meet service levels is an important part of the Tower AdvantageTM.

We purchased an internationally respected CRM solution rather than write something ourselves because, well, we’re not CRM specialists.  CRM is unlike retail management software – our area of expertise.  The benefits of th decision two years to go for the best of breed solution are starting to be obvious.