Online software demonstrations

Online software demonstrations are popular all of a sudden with small business owners.  While big business has embraced the web for demonstratsions and meetings, small business owners have prefered face to face engagement.

Thanks to the cool Web Ex technology, we’re able to provide an online experience which suits many looking at our software.  We demonstrate the full functionality of the software live as well as provide access to more members of our team than we’d usually send to a demonstration.  For example, if a sales prospect asks a complex technical question we can quickly bring in one of our support team or even a software developer – demonstrating that there is more to Tower Systems than the one sales person a prospct would usually have initial contact with.

Besides showing off our online support and training facilities, online sales demonstrations show respect for time and costs and this is what we are finding some really like.

Anyone interested in an online sales demosntration can contact us through

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