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Electronic vouchers coming to all newsagents

eziPass, the electronic voucher platform we created for newsagents, is close to being available for in newsagencies where our point of sale software is not in use. The development project is on-track for a mid April release.

We already have several hundred newsagents keen to load this free software and sell mobile phone recharge, amusement tickets and other products directly from the computers at their counter.

Our development team and that of our products partner have been working long hours to ensure that eziPass standalone is as easy to use and robust as the integrated product already used by 350 newsagents.


  1. As a newsagent that has ezipass, I would recommend it as an alternative to the dialtime system. It cuts down on the time it takes to sell a voucher, its easier to navigate and each till can be set up to use it instead of everyone crowded around one terminal. It also has the advantage of a weekly draw down so it helps the cashflow of the business.

    No this is not a paid advert for the system, just a very happy newsagent that was fed up with the the disadvantages with dialtime.

  2. Can non newsagents participate or have access to the ezipass system?We are a tattersalls agent that currently uses dialtime and would be interested in such an alternative if it was available to us.

  3. Certainly. Our goal is to provide a low cost platform for anyone selling phone recharge.

  4. Mark

    When I click on the link to eziPass on this blog from my PC it does not take me directly to the eziPass site.

    Once at http://www.ezipass.com.au on my PC the full catalogue does not work from my PC- FYI only

  5. Mark

    Dont laugh ok! This is unbelievable this EziPass thing, I want Ezipass but I dont have a PC, a monitor or a cash register in my shop, have you stopped laughing, however I do have a phone line…….Is there still a way I can get to use this service?


  6. Derek you need computer. If there is ever an issue with the site please report it to support.

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