We are in the final editing stages of a batch of new advice sheets.  They should be ready for publication through our website by mid next week.  While some cover technical functions within the software, others are business management focused and talk about strategy and how several parts of the softwasre can be used to solve business challenges – we cover the why as well as the how.

Each advice sheet we publish goes through a time-consuming process: planning, writing, editing, peer review, final editing and in-field testing. I personally do a pre-publish review because the advice sheets represent our brand not only to our customers but also to suppliers and even competitors.

Our focus is on making the advice understandable for people of a broad range of technical skills, to give them confidence in our advice and our software and to ensure the best business outcomes for them.

Half of the new advice sheets have been developed as a result of feedback from users during support calls as well as feedback from our recent online training series.